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Build your Chatbot with AD MIND!

It's time to connect with new technologies!

During 2016, there were more than 30,000 branded chatbots on the market. The impact was so tremendous that companies and sellers had already declared the year of the bot in 2017. As a new means of communication with customers and potential consumers, chatbot achieve direct communication.

Due to the increasing use of messenger applications, chatbot technology is rising, while research shows that over 66% of users in 2017 used an application to exchange messages in communication with businesses. By 2020, almost 80% of companies will have their own chatbot.





Our phones, and in particular our applications for social media and messaging, connect us more than any other means of communication.

Chatbot will allow you to simulate live conversations with all users of these applications, because the need for personal and instant responses connects consumers with chatbots.

AD MIND can create Chatbot for your website, Viber or Facebook account!


already chat up with multiple bots on their messaging applications

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users chat with the bot of a recognizable brand


80 users believe that chatbot improve customer service

Bot brings your brand closer to the active audience in a native and interactive way!

It generates more interest and leads all your old and potential consumers through unique news, content, awards ...

Converts conversations into conversions by simply linking products with online shopping!

Offers 1 to 1 conversation, with everyday support for your new and old customers!

For more information, contact our sales agent!
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