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Advertise your brand on the most common mobile application!

Viber branded messages enable you to keep up with the latest trends in mobile marketing!
By introducing a new communication channel, you bring your brand to its target audience 1 to 1.

Promotional Viber messages

Promotional messages support format:
image + text up to 1000 characters + URL button. They are designed to promote current discounts, catalogs, special offers, etc.

Transactional Viber messages

Transactional messages support the sending of text messages. They are intended to send notifications (e-commerce, banks, invitations to events, verification and promo codes, orders, account balance, etc.)

Viber fallback to SMS

When the internet connection is turned off or in case the user did not install the Viber application, the AD MIND platform automatically sends the Viber message as SMS (Viber fallback to SMS), ensuring that your content manages to reach the target audience!

In Montenegro, Viber is one of the most common applications with over 400,000 active Viber users.

In addition to the fact that users enjoy the convenience and ease of use of the application on a daily basis, Viber stands out as one of the most popular channels among business leaders.
Applying such a marketing tool can help your company acquire, maintain and strengthen its competitive edge and make even more dynamic and better communication with customers!

Viber branded messages represent the most direct way of communication with the target group, providing numerous opportunities:

One - way communication

Two - way communication


Web platformADMIND

Reports and statistics

Send text + images + URL



AD MIND owns a base of  500.000 Viber users in Montenegro, over 700.000 users in Serbia, and over 600.000 users in Bosnia, to whom you can send branded messages through your business channel!

You can target users by city, gender, age, etc.


Affordable prices

Sending Viber marketing messages will cost lower than the same SMS campaign. You only pay the delivered message!

International marketing

Viber marketing messages can be sent to users around the world!

Detailed statistics

After Viber campaign is completed, you will receive a detailed analytical report on the delivered messages!

Different message formats

Viber message supports sending of texts of up to 1000 characters, image and link buttons that directs to the URL!

Visual design

Viber messages support sending emoticons, as well as the ability to add active URL links!

API integration

If you use your database, AD MIND provides access to the web interface, as well as integration with your system, to independently create Viber campaigns!

Personal adaptation

Viber channel allows you to personalize messages with sign of your brand and adjust the validity of the message!

Reliable channel

Viber messages are delivered at a high speed and support the delivery of large quantities!

Business account

Create your own Viber channel with your logo, attract even more users and significantly raise awareness of your brand!

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